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200 /bx
31 DB
Bell shaped PU earplug
Soft PU foam material for low pressure inside the ear
Slow rebound allows to full attach to ear canal
Design to fit majority ear canal with premium comfort and protection
Compatible to use with earmuffs or other PPE
Individually packaged for hygiene
Durable, easy to open dispenser
6-12 Diameter
Hypoallergenic material
Non-metal detectable
Latex free
ANSI S3.19-1974


Slowly roll ear plug
Insert into ear canal
Hold and wait for expansion
Make sure ear plug is comfortable
-Additional use diaphragm in photos-

SNR (Single Number Rating):

SNR is the number of decibels the hearing protection can potentially reduce the noise level by, when they are fitted correctly. Ideally such products should reduce the noise level decibels down to between 75 and 80 decibels. Please avoid over protection as it is important to still hear everyday sounds. SNR is a general means of comparing different sound protection levels for hearing protection.

Sound Levels & Noise Meters:

It is important to understand the level of noise within the working environment. Sound measuring systems can be used to help you select the most appropriate type of hearing protection for your workplace. The fitting of hearing protection is just as crucial as establishing the noise level.


To insert a foam earplug, slowly roll and compress the plug into a thin, crease free cylinder. When compressed, insert the plug directly into the ear canal. This is made easier by reaching around the head and pulling the ear outward during insertion.

*The polybag may present a chocking hazard. Keep away from children*

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